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Christina's Work Experience Blog

Day 1

Today I had my first day working at YBF and I started the day with an induction of what Young Barnet Foundation is about, followed by some short tasks around the office before me and another girl doing work experience were sent to interview the CEO of the charity (in order to find out more about it). Then we gave advice to Pete about how the charity’s website could be worked on because in this charity they are always growing and looking for constant improvements and changes to make. We also discussed how the charity could create a wider community by setting up social media pages on different platforms.

By then it was lunch (which lasted 1 hour) and after lunch the other work experience girl and I were sent downstairs to the foodhub where we supported kind volunteers working with food which would be passed onto schools and various other places in need of food.

Day 2

On my 2nd day I had a meeting with the other members of the charity and we each discussed what we’ve been working on and brought up any issues we currently had. Then I sorted some name badges in alphabetical order while listening to music with Lavinia, who is my fellow work experience friend but sadly today was her last day.:( after that we did a bit of shredding and then it was lunch. For lunch we all ordered pizza and ate it in the meeting room. After we had tidied everything up Lavinia and I were off to observe a BACE visit at Living Way Ministries. The visit is when YBF unexpectedly turns up and gives support to the member group who are delivering activities and food for children over the summer.

On the whole, today was a good day but I was sad to see my new friend Lavinia leave, though I’m grateful that I got a new friend out of this time in work experience.

Day 3

Today I created certificates of appreciation for the charity’s members and donors using canva, it was a very chill day. I also listened in on some meetings over zoom so that I could get an idea of what business meetings are like.

Day 4

Today is my final day of work experience at Young Barnet Foundation, I’m really sad about it but today was really special because I went out with Julia and Matt and I observed as they brought 3 different support groups supplies and they made sure everything was safe, secure and appropriate for young people to be playing in. Finally I finished off my day by doing a final task for Janet (CEO) and uploaded this blog onto the website!


Christina joined Young Barnet Foundation for four days work experience having completed Year 10 at St Andrews the Apostle School, Brunswick Support. We thank Christina for her work and support during her time with us.


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