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A borough wide community fund -  not specific to Young Barnet Foundation or its members

Barnet Community Fund

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Last Updated: 8 March 2022

The Barnet Community Fund (BCF) are grants for the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector in Barnet.  Administered by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the Barnet Together partnership.   Previously this was the Barnet Community Response Fund, which was set up during March 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns.  
NOTE: This is not the Barnet Community Innovation Fund (administered by Barnet Council).  Follow the link for more information and to apply. 



Current Funding Rounds

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Open now for Wave 2.   The purpose of this VCFSE Grants programme is to increase available outreach and engagement to help Barnet Council and the local NHS understand local barriers and needs, raise awareness of local support and to promote COVID-19 vaccine uptake, public health guidance and programmes for residents disproportionately impacted by barriers to COVID-19 vaccine uptake as well as other preventative health programmes.    More information HERE

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The Barnet Community Response Fund (BCRF) ran from March 2020 to March 2021 distribuing grants to local community groups to support their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.   Find out about all the grants awarded here


What is the purpose of the fund? 

The fund is a mechanism of bringing funding to the VCFSEs in Barnet.   

Minimum Eligibility criteria

  • An existing VCFSE Barnet based organisation supporting residents in the London Borough of Barnet.*

  • A bank account in the name of the organisation, with two authorising signatories.

  • The grant must solely be spent in LB of Barnet for the benefit of its residents.

  • Each grant will have other specific eligibility criteria which will be set out in an an eligibility criteria document and Terms & Conditions Document 

*Note; whilst the fund is being administered by Young Barnet Foundation, it is on behalf of the Barnet Together partnership and therefore non YBF members can apply, unlike the Space2Grow Children and Young People's Fund. 

Monitoring and Evaluation requirements

Each grant will have specific Monitoring and Evaluation requirements. 

Application Process

Online application form.  Each grant round will be specific, with the intention of keeping the application form as simple as possible.  

Funding Panel

Each grant round will have a panel to review and decide on the awards of the grants.   Barnet Together staff may be involved in initial review of applications and panel preparation but will not sit on the decision panel.  The names of each panel member will be listed alongside details of each round.   

Grant Awards

Following the panel meeting all successful grants will be made public and listed on this website.     

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Barnet Together

Barnet Together is a partnership established in 2018 between Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet.


Barnet Together is a free capacity building support service for the borough’s Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector. It supports local VCFSEs with funding, training, resources and advice, and offers a platform for stronger sector representation, voice and connection.


Barnet Together services are available to all members of Young Barnet Foundation, Volunteering Barnet and Inclusion Barnet, with each partner organisation bringing their own specialisms, knowledge and assets.

For more information about Barnet Together and the Alliance with the London Borough of Barnet visit or follow Barnet Together on Twitter and Facebook.

Delivered with thanks to London Borough of Barnet and Donations from Individuals and Business in Barnet

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