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Last Update: 8th March 2022





Barnet Community Response Fund


At the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 the Barnet Community Response Fund was launched.  Since then it has helped thousands of Barnet residents by awarding funding to community groups working across the Borough.  

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The COVID-19 community response efforts 

In March 2020, Barnet Together put together a task force to tackle Covid-19 in the community to support the amazing community effort  because we are #strongertogether

The community stepped up to provide extraordinary levels of support, from running food banks, cooking and delivering hundreds of meals to collecting shopping for those in vulnerable categories or self isolating. We salute everyone involved in this effort. 

To  support the effort of the community, Barnet Together launched the Barnet Community Response Fund  and succeeded in awarding in excess of £117,000 in small grants, on a regular basis across the Borough to community groups to financially support them in their effort, be it buying PPE, additional food or covering volunteer expenses.    

The residents of Barnet were incredibly generous in their donations to the fund and the fund has been supported by the London Borough of Barnet with additional financial contributions.


Details of all the grants awarded can be found below

As we learn to live with Covid and recover from its effects Barnet Together have converted the BCRF into the Barnet Community Fund and will continue to distribute funds across the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector in Barnet. 

The fund was administered by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the Barnet Together partnership.  

Your money will go straight back into our community to directly help the most vulnerable.

“We’re really grateful for the generous individual donations we have received so far, and the news that the council will be match funding up to £25k of these donations is fantastic. This will help us and other charities in the area meet the increasing demands of the community.” Janet Matthewson, CEO of The Young Barnet Foundation.

Barnet Community Response Fund in Action

Allocation of Funds

Wave 11 awarded in April 2021 awarded a total of £5,847 to 12 organisations across the Borough of Barnet. 

Give it Forward Today - £500

Living Way Ministries - £500

The Hygiene Bank Barnet - £500

Norwood Ravenswood - £500 

Misgav - £500 (Provisional)

Give Help Share - £500

NW7 Hub - £500 

9th Muswell Hill Scout Group -£500

Five Bells Computer Club - £500

Boys Clubhouse - £500

Persian Advice Bureau - £500

Barnet Mencap - £497

Wave 10 awarded in March 2021 awarded a total of £11,247 to 24 organisations across the Borough of Barnet. This included ongoing food preparation and delivery to vulnerable residents, support for local foodbanks and for therapeutic and support services.

Barnet Bereavement Service - £500

RCCT CIC - £500 

Jain Network - £250

Norwood Ravenswood - £500

Aidexcel Support Services - £500

Shabbat Walk - £500

Living Way Ministries -£500

Barnet Multicultural Community Centre - £500 

Bread n Butter CIC - £500

African Cultural Association - £500

The John Trotter Trust - £500

PRO Touch SA CIC  - £500 

Persian Advice Bureau - £500

Barnet Furniture Centre - £500

Ner Yisroel Educational Trust - £500

Community Network Group - £500

Childs Hill Food Bank - £500

Noa Girls - £500

Cherry Lodge Cancer Care - £500

9th Muswell Hill Scout Group - £500

Barnet Mencap - £497

Golders Green United Synagogue  - £500

NW7 Hub  - £500

Barnet Synagogue - £500

Funding withdrawn for German Chefs CIC due to lack of paperwork being provided so award withdrawn

Wave 9, awarded in the run up to Christmas 2020 funded 21 organisations to a total of £10,006 for support around food and community support for the residents of Barnet

RCCT     £500

NW7 Hub      £500

One Stonegrove      £500

Colindale Community Garden      £500

Barnet African Caribbean Association     £500

Persian Advice Bureau      £500

Mother to Mother Ltd       £500

8th Hendon Scouts        £375

United Synagogue      £500

Age UK Barnet       £450

Noa Girls        £500

Boys Clubhouse    £181

Cherry Lodge Cancer Centre   £500

Nene Tereza       £500

Cricklewood Millennium Green      £500

African Refugee Community     £500

Barnet Multicultural Centre      £500

Our Time      £500

Community Network Group        £500

Homeless Action in Barnet        £500

Innovation Dance Studios       £500

Wave 8, 12 organisations benefited to a total of £4,846 for support around food and community support for the residents of Barnet. 


Persian Advice Bureau £500

One Stonegrove          £500

Barnet Carers Centre   £500

Kick Action Academy    £250

Community Network Group CIC £250

The Work Avenue Foundation £424

8th Hendon Scouts      £250

African Refugee Community    £250

Cricklewood boxing club          £500

Community Focus Inclusive Arts £500

Acheinu Limited T/A The Boys Clubhouse £422.00

Barnet Churches Action           £500.00


Wave 7, 19 organisations benefited to a total of £8,430 for support around food and community support for the residents of Barnet. 


Mesila UK - £500

Somali Bravenese Welfare Association in Barnet  £250

The Last Cuppa CIC £500

NW7 Hub £500

Support Through Court Barnet £500

Norwood Ravenswood £500

HOPE for Paediatric Epilepsy London £500

Barnet Table Tennis Club £500

JaIn Network £250

Nene Tereza £500

Stonegrove Community Trust £500

Living Way Ministries £500

Bread n Butter CIC £450

Kick Action Academy £300

RCCT £500

Barnet Mencap £500

Barnet Community Harvesters (Host organisation Trinity Church) £500

Work Avenue £180

Community Network Group CIC £500

WAVE 6, 13 organisations benefited to a total of £6,040 for support around food and community support for the residents of Barnet. 

Barnet Somali Community Group  £500

Metropolitian Housing (HA)  £500

Barnet Furniture Centre  £500

African Refugee Community £500

Barnet Bereavement Service  £300

United Synagogue  £500

Persian Advice Bureau  £500

Eleanour Palmer Trust  £500

The Bull Theatre  £500

St Matthias Church & Hall Colindale £240

Chaverim Youth Organisation £500

The Paperweight Trust  £500

Express Tuition  £500


Having reviewed a large number of applications, the Panel awarded £50,000 across 29 organsiations for delivery of projects and services for the residents of Barnet. 

Community Focus Inclusive Arts  £2,000.00

Kick Action Football Academy   £2,000.00

Tzivos Hashem UK - Chabad Golders Green  £2,000.00

Trinity Church £2,000.00

Groundwork (The Loop Project Grahame Park) £2,000.00

Business Education Events CiC (BEE) £1,910.00

Grief Encounter £1,950.00

Home-Start Barnet, Brent, Enfield and Harrow £2,000.00

Stonegrove Community Trust £2,000.00

Khulisa £2,000.00


Acheinu Limited T/A The Boys Clubhouse £2,000.00

Homeless Action in Barnet  £2,000.00

Rephael House £2,000.00

Noa Girls £2,000.00

Our Time £2,000.00

Express Tuition Ltd £2,000.00

Exposure Organisation £2,000.00

Barnet Mencap £2,000.00

African Refugee Community £2,000.00

Pro Touch SA CIC £1,805.00

8th Hendon Scouts £1,200.00

Resources for Autism £1,000.00

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association £950.00

Community Network Group CIC £520.00

Please note that there are a small number of awards  not listed that are waiting on confirmation and will be added here once finalised and paid.  

Wave 5 of funding allocated 13 awards, totalling £5,750 given to support the purchase of food, food production and community engagement Organisations receiving funding; 

Parsa Production £500

Persian Advice Bureau £500

Groundwork The Loop at Grahame Park £500

Alexz Educational £250

African Refugee Community £500

Barnet Mencap £500

Norwood Ravenswood £500

Noa Girls £500

Learning Through Horses £500

Community Network Group £500​

Torah Action Life £500

Barnet African Caribbean Association £500

Wave 4 of funding allocated 15 awards, totalling £7,297; given to support the purchase of food, food production and community engagement  


Organisations receiving funding; 

African Refugee Community  £500

Aid Excel £500

R.C.C.T £ 500

Persian Advice Bureau £500

The Boys Clubhouse £327

Norwood Raveswood £500

Youth Realities £470

Parsa Production £500

Afghan Association Paiwand £500

Burnt Oak Women's Group £500

Unitas Youth Zone £500

Barnet Bulldogs Basketball £500

Pro Touch SA CIC £500

Rephael The Jewish Counselling Service £500

Community Network Group CIC £500

Wave 3 of funding allocated 14 awards, totalling £6,700; given to support the purchase of food, food production and community engagement with the most vulnerable self-isolating.  


Organisations receiving funding; 

Friend in Need Community Centre £500

The Boys Clubhouse £500

The Flower Bank £300

Noa Girls £500

Persian Advice Bureau £500

Barnet Somali Community Group £500

Bread'n'Butter £500

Gift It Forward Today £500

Barnet Mencap £500

Resources for Autism £400

St Barnabas Foodbank £500

Community Network Group £500

Trinity Church £500

Sense Touchbase Centre Barnet £500


Wave 2 of Funding allocated 9 awards, totaling £3,680, given to support the purchase of food, food production and support for kids in care

Organisations receiving funding;

African Refugee Community - £500

Barnet Refugee Service - £500

Community Network Group - £500

Express Tuition - £250

Good Neighbours Scheme of Mill Hill & Burnt Oak - £180

Open Door Centre - £500

Persian Advice Bureau - £500

RCCT - £250

Live Unlimited - £500


Wave 1 of Funding allocated 8 awards, totaling £3,500, given to support the purchase of food and food production. 

Organisations receiving funding;

Colindale Foodbank -  £500

Community Network Group CIC - £250

Living Way Ministries - £250

Give if Forward Today (GIFT) - £500

Homeless Action in Barnet - £500

Age UK Barnet - £500

Stonegrove Community Trust  - £500

Barnet Community Projects - £500

BCRF Diversity Report -  Wave 1 to 11.

Allocation of funds

Funding Panel

Each round of funding was agreed by a panel which included;

Cllr Caroline Stock - Barnet Mayor, Conservative

Cllr Sara Conway -  Burnt Oak Councillor,  Labour 

Janet Matthewson  - CEO,  Young Barnet Foundation

Caroline Collier -  CEO, Inclusion Barnet

Katrina Baker - Director of Communities and Environmental Services, Groundworks. 

Cllr Alex Prager - West Hendon Councillor, Conservative

Ken Argent, Barnet Council

Danusia Brzezicka, Barnet Council. 

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