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A borough wide community fund -  not specific to Young Barnet Foundation or its members

APPLY for the Barnet Community Response Fund -  for the Coronavirus

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Last Updated: 11th March 2021

This page is for community groups to apply to the Barnet Community Response Fund.   To understand more about the fund, what it has supported to date and how to donate, visit our information page. 
NOTE: This is not the Barnet Community Innovation Fund (administered by Barnet Council).  Follow the link for more information and to apply. 


We recommend you read the Terms and Conditions and read the Small Grants Information before completing the online application.


Click here to submit your monitoring and evaluation for any wave of Barnet Community Response Fund


SMALL GRANTS - More details 

Inviting applications up to £500

This fund has been running since the outset of the Coronavirus in the UK and has to date distributed £106,249 worth of aid to Barnet based community groups supporting our communities across Barnet.    The fund will remain open and distribute funding in 'waves', each wave of funding open for between 1 and 2 weeks, with funding distributed within a week of the closing date.     

Wave 11

Wave 11 is now open. Closing at 23.59 on Sunday 18th April 2021.

Wave 10 

Wave 10 funding was announced in early March 2021 with 25 local groups sharing a total of £12,247.00.

What is the purpose of the fund? (updated for Wave 9 onwards)

The fund is to support:

·         Foodbanks (this could include food preparation/distribution and essential products to support our most vulnerable                residents should needs present).  We will be encouraging a partnership approach.  

·         To meet the needs of the Community during the Christmas period.

·         Additional funding to expand your service to support the COVID-19 response efforts and adapting services to meet                emerging need.

·         Other costs as deemed suitable by the Funding Panel.


Why has PPE been removed from the items that can be applied for? 

At the current time PPE is no longer something the fund will award funding towards. 

Minimum Eligibility criteria

  • An existing Barnet based organisation supporting residents in the London Borough of Barnet.

  • A Bank Account in the name of the organisation, ideally with two authorising signatories.*

  • Must be spent within 14 days of payment.

Monitoring and Evaluation requirements

Very simple; a picture of your work & or purchases, along with confirmation of the number of people supported by the donation.  

Application Process

Simple online form.  Completion should take no more than 10 minutes.  

Who has been funded by the Small Grants?

Scroll to the bottom of this web page to view a list of all organisations funded in each wave of funding.   

Next funding round : Wave 12 - Coming soon

This fund is thanks to the generosity of Barnet Residents, Barnet Businesses, Emergency Funding secured by Barnet Together and a match funding of the first £25,000 donated, by Barnet Council.  

*Should the account not have two signatories we can work with you to overcome payment issues.  


Invited applications up to £2,000 for a total grant fund of £50,000.

This funding was supplied by Barnet Council. Barnet Council committed to not only matching donations into the Small Grants pot but also to create an additional fund with a total grants pot of £50,000.  (See details here)

What is the purpose of the fund

The fund is to support projects supporting our communities in this time of crisis by;  

  • Meeting emerging need

  • Piloting a new initiative (with aim of using data to seek further funding) 

  • Upscaling of an existing project with proven track record (this can include Food related projects)

  • Develop emotional wellbeing and resilience 

  • Enhance social inclusion 

Minimum Eligibility criteria

  • An existing Barnet based charity or constituted organisation supporting residents in London Borough of Barnet.

  • A Bank Account in the name of the organisation with two authorising signatories.  

  • Must be spent within 6 months.  

Monitoring and Evaluation requirements

A more structured monitoring and evaluation requirements, which will include quantitative data on the number of residents supported complemented by some qualitative highlights.   Full M&E requirements will be agreed with each awarded grant specific to the project.  

Application Process

Via an online form.   We have made the questions available in a word document to allow you to prepare all your questions as form does not allow saving mid completion.    


Having reviewed a large number of applications, the Panel awarded £50,000 across 29 organsiations for delivery of projects and services for the residents of Barnet. 

Community Focus Inclusive Arts  £2,000.00

Kick Action Football Academy   £2,000.00

Tzivos Hashem UK - Chabad Golders Green  £2,000.00

Trinity Church £2,000.00

Groundwork (The Loop Project Grahame Park) £2,000.00

Business Education Events CiC (BEE) £1,910.00

Grief Encounter £1,950.00

Home-Start Barnet, Brent, Enfield and Harrow £2,000.00

Stonegrove Community Trust £2,000.00

Khulisa £2,000.00


Acheinu Limited T/A The Boys Clubhouse £2,000.00

Homeless Action in Barnet  £2,000.00

Rephael House £2,000.00

Noa Girls £2,000.00

Our Time £2,000.00

Express Tuition Ltd £2,000.00

Exposure Organisation £2,000.00

Barnet Mencap £2,000.00

African Refugee Community £2,000.00

Pro Touch SA CIC £1,805.00

8th Hendon Scouts £1,200.00

Resources for Autism £1,000.00

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association £950.00

Community Network Group CIC £520.00

Barnet Churches Action  £2,000

Please note that there are a small number of awards  not listed that are waiting on confirmation and will be added here once finalised and paid.  

This Fund has been created due to the donation by Barnet Council and is being distributed and administered by Young Barnet Foundation on the behalf of Barnet Together partnership  


Funding Panel

Awards will be agreed by a panel including;

Cllr Caroline Stock - Barnet Mayor, Conservative

Cllr Sara Conway -  Burnt Oak Councillor,  Labour 

Janet Matthewson  - CEO,  Young Barnet Foundation

Caroline Collier -  CEO, Inclusion Barnet

Katrina Baker - Director of Communities and Environmental Services, Groundworks. 

Cllr Alex Prager - West Hendon Councillor, Conservative

Ken Argent, Barnet Council

Danusia Brzezicka, Barnet Council. 

This page is for community groups to apply to the Barnet Community Response Fund.   To understand more about the fund, what it has supported to date and how to donate, visit our information page.

Delivered with thanks to Donations from Individuals and Business in Barnet

With support of;

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