Janet Matthewson: CEO


   Janet founded the charity in December 2015. As the CEO of the charity, she has direct             responsibility of running the charity and report to the board of trustees who have                 overall governance. Janet is also responsible for the staff team as they work                           collectively. Her favourite aspect of working here is working with the                                          members, sharing ideas and helping each other with their projects. Her                                       good knowledge of this sector and the local history has led her to                                               develop strong leadership skills which empowers others and                                                       promotes leadership. She also has a very strong passion and                                                         belief that every person deserves a chance and different                                                               opportunities. She is proud of seeing the members                                                                        connecting with each other and seeing different                                                                               partnerships flourishing. She gains a feeling of                                                                                 satisfaction and honour when communities,                                                                                     organisations and different people are                                                                                              connected.

Debra Yardley: Fundraising and Partnerships manager


Debra joined the charity in September 2018. As the fundraising and partnerships manager, she does the fundraising for all the members and well the fundrais-

ing for Young Barnet Foundation. She is also in charge of all the partner-

ships with companies and joining different organisations. Her favourite

aspects of working here is supporting all the members to bring funds

into the charity and seeing the diversity in the types of things that

the members do. She has 20 years of experience in fundrais-

ing and has a good understanding of the local area meaning

that she would know what he best way to fundraise. She

has worked with both big and small charities,so she

has a lot of experience in fundraising for different

sizes for charities.

Peter Williamson: Operational Manager


 Peter first joined Young Barnet Foundation around July 2017. As an Operational              Manager, his responsibilities revolve around looking after accounts, marketing,                communications with organisations and members, HR, office manage-                                ment, managing IT, grant management and working as upshot co-                                       ordinator. He is keen and passionate about promoting ‘Space2grow’                                    and confirming it to the members as well as watching membership                                     projects develop and grow. He has experience in the commer-                                              cial sector which have provided him with transferrable skills                                                  such as IT skills, office management which includes back                                                       office functions, knowledge of finance and budgeting                                                                and the skill of developing strategies. He has                                                                             began working a five- year strategy that was                                                                               only designed last year.

Sarah Cotton: Membership Development Manager



Sarah first joined the Young Barnet Foundation around February 2017. As a Member

-ship Development Manager, she is responsible with making sure that members

are fully supported and assured by understanding and highlighting their

needs which is demonstrated through the guidance that she provides.

Her role involves creating partnerships by working across different

organisations. She is very enthusiastic about bringing organisations

togetheras well as enjoys identifying gaps and trying her best to

find opportunities to fill them. Sarah stands outfrom the rest

because she runs her own charitable organisation, reflect-

ing her first hand experience with funding and working

with volunteers. She also has experience working

with the political environment which allows her 

to understand challenges that charities usually

face and how to overcome them.


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Chair of Trustees

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Deputy Chair

Matthew Lent

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