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We want to give every young person the opportunity to achieve. We can’t do this without your help.

We rely on generosity from our donors to continue our work to support opportunities and activities for children and young people of Barnet.   Through your donation, large or small, you can help create a brighter future for Barnet’s youth.

We encourage you to donate local as 85% of funding nationally goes to just 4% of organisiations, meaning lots of the small charities that are the lifeblood of their communities run on a shoestring.   We have two main on-going fundraising campaigns and then other targeted campaigns throughout the year.   Details are shown below. 

By donation to our Space2Grow Children and Young People's Fund we guarantee that 100% of the funding will be allocated to our member organsiations via various rounds of funding throughout the year. 

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Supporting Young Barnet Foundation in our core operations of supporting the membership.  Your donations are used to support our key delivery to the membership.  Enhancing opportunities, activities and services for children and young people in Barnet   

Online donations are processed securely using the Charity Aid Foundation Banking and Donation platform.


Donate to one of the targeted campaigns. Not all donations need to be financial.

Supporting the Community across Barnet during Covid Recovery and Cost of Living Crisis 

Find out how to support the local foodbanks in Barnet and when you can deliver donations.  Also details of where and when the foodbanks are open

Donate to the Christmas Campaign 2023 where we will use 100% of your donation to purchase gifts at wholesale prices, meaning your donation goes further

Donations don't always have to be financial, find out how you can donate your time in various ways to help the work we do. 

Funding lists and the amounts shown on the donation platform pages are for illustrative purposes only, showing our needs and what gifts at certain levels could facilitate. amounts shown are not actual total costs.  Please remember the best way to support Young Barnet Foundation is to provide unrestricted funds which allow us to meet the most pressing needs as determined by service experts. if you wish to fund a specific item or programme, please contact the fundraising office on 020 3621 6090 who will be happy to answer your question.   

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