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Supplementary Schools access the full Young Barnet Foundation member offer and in addition Young Barnet Foundation provide additional support in collaboration with the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE).


Young Barnet Foundation in collaboration with the NRCSE hold 4 networking meetings for Supplementary Schools every year. 

Find our more about the work of the work of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education by visiting their website. 

Space2Grow #6 and #25 were dedicated funding rounds specifically for Supplementary Schools across Barnet funding organisation to deliver English &/or Maths &/or Science to their cohort of young people along with an Upshot licence to record the monitoring and evaluation.  

The NRCSE offer Supplementary Schools a Quality Mark which builds on local authorities’ own safeguarding requirements under Section 11 of the Children’s Act 2004

We refer you to the Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership for information advice and training on Safeguarding.  

Young Barnet Foundation have a list of all members here but for more detailed information about individual supplementary schools we recommend visiting the NRCSE directory here 

This short video produced for Securing Success entitled  “Mainstream Schools-Why Partnerships” is a 3 minute film focusing on partnerships between mainstream and supplementary schools.

Supplementary Schools complement mainstream practice/ curriculum and offer national curriculum subjects as well as cultural studies in home languages, music, dance, art and drama.

Video embed at permission of Securing Success , check out their website at

Young Barnet Foundation's supplementary school contacts  : 

Matt Dixon

NRCSE contact for Barnet  :  Suzie Yassin 


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