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About Us

Young Barnet Foundation was set up to help bring local solutions to local issues. It is a London Borough of Barnet (LBB) specific membership organisation. We are proud partners of Barnet Together.


We work strategically to bring charities and organisations together to support and build capacity in the Children and Young People's (CYP) voluntary sector across the borough. Our vision is for young people to grow up healthy, safe and happy with the best opportunities to secure brighter futures 


We represent a diverse membership of charities and youth organisations with a local footprint across the borough. Acting as sector lead in Barnet, we support our members with information & sharing best practice, advice, offer networking opportunities, training, assistance with fundraising and developing partnerships.  


We work with Local Authority and Strategic partners to encourage sharing of intelligence, ideas and resource to get the best outcome for CYP within LBB.



Our Vision

All Children and Young People Thrive.

Our Mission

Every Child and Young Person in the Borough of Barnet has access to activities, opportunities and support services which meet their needs.

Our Values

We are supportive. With our Space2Grow fund, we remain agile and responsive to the needs of our members and the children and young people who access their services​​

We adapt. We build trusted relationships throughout the sector by supporting members and the wider community​

We are local. We actively encourage the use and development of services and venues based in the borough

We are collaborative As a member organisation we believe our sector and community is stronger when we collaborate and grow together​​


We are generous leaders.  We believe everyone in our community can be generous leaders and giving of their time, expertise, gratitude, praise, or resources. This is our ethos​

Our Commitment

Young Barnet Foundation’s role as a membership organisation is to support the delivery of activities and services for Children and Young People (CYP) within the local community.


We offer the following commitment to our members;

  • We work collaboratively to elevate the work of our members and partners

  • We are transparent about where Space2Grow funding has been allocated

  • We do not deliver services to children and young people

  • We are responsive and empathetic to the needs of our members

We also make commitments to the Environment and to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  More information can be found HERE

Key Objectives

Young Barnet Foundation aims to address this decline locally by working to four key objectives:

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Developing consortium / partnership bids to support smaller players within the sector. 

We act as a conduit between members, funders, local businesses and stakeholders to enable local support of local projects.  We bring together not only finance but resource and expertise of the private sector to assist our members.


An active member of the Barnet Together Partnership, with Inclusion Barnet and Volunteering Barnet (Groundwork London)

Supporting the partnership to provide support, training, resources and advice to Barnet’s voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector (VCFSE).       Lead the grant management administration to drive more funding into the local sector. 


Impact Monitoring – helping organisations to tell the story, backed up by reliable data.  

We will work with our members to improve monitoring and evaluation through data capture.  This will help us demonstrate the positive impact of services not only to our children and young people but to the wider community.  So much good work goes unnoticed, we want members to ‘tell their story’ backed up with clear and concise data which will help them secure further funding.


Growing and operating a grants pot for CYP VCFSE in the borough, through local giving.
The cornerstone of the Foundation will be to raise funds to feed a grants pot, open to local groups to help with the provision of activities and services.  We want to see more supportive youth services operating throughout Barnet, promoting and growing opportunities and raising the aspirations of our children and young people.
Read about the work of Space2Grow


Our Trustees and operational staff are only too aware of the needs of our children and young people and they’re equally aware of the limited funding available to address those needs.  The challenge is high but so is the commitment to succeed.


We cannot do it alone, we need everyone to pull together; support us, guide us, work with us so that we can be the best we can be and, in turn, our children and young people will be able to access services and support which will enable them to achieve their full potential.

About Young People's Foundations (YPFs)

We are proud members of the YPF Network that has been developed in response to the ongoing challenges facing the Children and Young People’s sector. Young People’s Foundations (YPFs) bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people. Together we share a common goal – to help create and champion a more impactful, co-ordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all children and young people have access to quality support and opportunities. Based in our local communities, each YPF’s services are based on the needs and assets of our area.

To find out more about the YPF Network, please visit our national body organisation: YPF Trust 



Find our more about our work and the partnerships we hold to help our members and the children and young people in Barnet

Young Barnet Foundation has a team of great staff and Trustees.

Join Young Barnet Foundation as a Member, Partner or Friend of the organisation.  Find out more here

Young Barnet Foundation is part of the Young People's Foundations. A network of organisations addressing the challenges for Children and young people in their communities

As a Charity we annually submit accounts to the Charity Commission.   We commit to being transparent in our operations and financial management

We work in collaboration with two other local infrastructure organisations, Inclusion Barnet and Volunteering Barnet to pool our collective resources and expertise for the benefit of the sector under the name Barnet Together

Coming to visit?  Find out how to find us here

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