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What is Space2Grow

Young Barnet Foundation’s Space2Grow Children & Young People’s Fund is available to support local charities, community organisations and social enterprises so they can deliver activities and services to children and young people in the London Borough of Barnet.


The main purpose of the fund is to:

  • Support local voluntary and community groups, who are members of the Young Barnet Foundation and are working with children and young people (and their families).

  • Grow activities and services for children and young people in the London Borough of Barnet.

  • Give priority to community organisations with limited access to other sources of funding. However, decisions will be on a case by case basis, based on the purpose of the grant and outcomes it will achieve for beneficiaries.



Apply now for Space2Grow#34: 2024 Training and Development Micro Fund 

Where has funding helped?

Find out who was funded, the activities provided and the effect it had on the lives of children and young people in Barnet. 

Donate and make a difference

If you want to support Children and Young People in Barnet then donate to the Space2Grow Fund.  100% of donations reach our members 

Coming Up in 2024

We want to provide members with as much notice of upcoming rounds of Space2Grow and other funding as we can. Therefore below is the current planned dates for 2024. This list will be updated as and when details emerge.

BACE Holidays HAF Funding. For 2024, we will continue to award grants, in partnership with LB of Barnet for YBF members to deliver BACE/HAF projects.  More information on the grants (and how to apply to be considered to become a provider) can be found here.

Space2Grow#34 – 2024 Training and Development Micro Fund.

Opening on the 3rd June, closing when all funds are allocated, details of how to apply and the criteria for this round of funding is available here.

Additional rounds and date changes

Young Barnet foundation and the wider Barnet Together partnership pride ourselves on the flexibility and agility to adjust to current situations, we therefore may amend or add to these funding rounds as the year progresses. 

Application Process:


Each round of funding will be open and closed on dates agreed by the Trustees.   

The amounts awarded will vary based on the current level of funds and level of support from partner organisations. 

All applications MUST be made on the correct application form.

More information will be made available when a funding round is open. 

Key Supporters of Space2Grow:

Space2Grow operates thanks to partnerships and the kind generosity of partners, businesses and donations from the general public. Thanks to our core costs being funded we can ensure 100% of donations are passed on to the organisations across the Borough best placed to deliver activities and services to our children and young people.

Some of the key partners to have supported the fund to date include:

Space2Grow and Space2Grow Children and Young People's Fund and logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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