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Our Commitments

Young Barnet Foundation takes its responsibility to our staff and wider stakeholders seriously.   


We wish to not only be an active member of the community of Barnet but also help advocate for and lead the way with best practice on important issues.   


It is important that Young Barnet Foundation members have confidence that we will not compete for project funding against them and therefore we make our commitment to our members below.   


In addition we wish to be equitable and environmental in our actions.  Having reviewed our policies we have made pledges to improve and measure our impact both on the environment along with equality, diversity and inclusion.   

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Young Barnet Foundation's role as a membership organisation is to support the delivery of activities and services for Children and Young People (CYP) within the local community. We offer the following commitment to our members:

  • We do not deliver services to children and young people

  • We are transparent about where Space2Grow funding has been allocated

  • We work collaboratively to elevate the work of our members and partners

  • We are responsive and emphatic to the needs of our members

Equality Diversity Inclusion

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Whilst our EDI policy outlines our broad commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and we continue to progress our equitable practices, we believe that we can always do more and it is important that we emphasise this with more explicit statements of intent, underpinned by short- and long-term actions.


The actions identified under the three statements of intent below are by no means fixed, these will be reviewed at least annually and updated as and when we feel we have achieved them. 


We will ensure that all staff (and potential staff), volunteers and trustees are treated in a fair and equitable manner 

We will do this by: 

  • Creating a culture of fairness and inclusion where everyone can voice their opinions and be listened to respectably by their co-workers 

  • Making the ‘Equality, diversity & inclusion awareness’ training mandatory for all staff 


We will continue to: 

  • Allocate budget and staff time, annually to the improvement of equality, diversity, and inclusion at YBF including ongoing training and development for staff and trustees.  

  • Show commitment to making sure every job applicant is assessed solely on merit and relevant experience to do the job.  Ensuring our recruitment processes are transparent, equitable and fair. Anonymising all applications to reduce unconscious bias when shortlisting and offering reasonable adjustments as part of our recruitment process to anyone who needs them are examples of how we will do this. 

  • Implement an annual staff survey (anonymous) to allow staff to raise issues or concerns about EDI    


We will adapt our practices where necessary to support the diverse needs of our members. 


We will do this by: 

  • Ensuring YBF events and training are accessible to all. This may include and take the form of ALT Text on our images, accessible text and reading materials i.e., font size, coloured backgrounds, induction loop or BSL interpreters. (Available on request - speak to a YBF team member)  

  • Seeking to address any disparity in the funding we distribute, by monitoring the amounts awarded to support specific by and for groups subjected to acute marginalisation at the intersection, e.g., young LGBTQIA+, Black/global majority and disability groups. If representation of these marginalised groups is not forthcoming, we will seek out and actively target groups to apply.   


We will continue to: 

  • Use a variety of different accessible channels such as emails, social media, face to face meetings, WhatsApp groups and phone calls to communicate with our members. 

  • Consider religious festivals and holidays when planning our member network meetings, training sessions and other events. 

  • Get feedback from our members on what they and their beneficiaries’ needs are in relation to EDI issues. 

We will use our voice to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sector and beyond. 


We will do this by: 

  • Producing at least one case study per year which highlights the good work of one of our members in the field of EDI 

  • Running at least one member network meeting, or member training event per year that focuses on EDI 

  • Move towards providing gender neutral gifts as part of our annual Christmas Gift Campaign 

  • Working through recognised quality marks such as the Charity Excellence Framework and YPF Trust Quality Mark and addressing any identified areas for improvement 

  • We will showcase our achievements and areas for improvement in the field of EDI, within our Annual Report.  


We will continue to: 

  • Work with strategic partners to address structural/intersectional barriers. 

  • Use the annual Barnet Together Conference to dedicate at least one workshop to EDI ensuring development of EDI across Barnet’s VCFSE sector. 

  • Support national campaigns such as Black History Month to draw attention to the already good work happening in the sector. 

  • Actively challenge discrimination and injustice in the workplace and the wider sector. 

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Our Environmental policy outlines our broad commitment to environmental sustainability and we have made some progress towards sustainable practices, we know we can do more and it is important that we support this with more explicit statements of intent, underpinned by short- and long-term actions. 

YBF commits to minimising the impact on our environment through the following 10-point charter: 

  1. Providing a safe and healthy workplace 

  2. Promoting a culture of environmental sustainability amongst staff, where responsibility is assigned and understood 

  3. Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community, supporting the work of BarNET ZERO.  

  4. Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling 

  5. Using, in our own operations, processes that do not adversely affect the environment 

  6. Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation 

  7. Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding 

  8. Taking steps to improve environmental performance 

  9. Working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices 

  10. Enhancing awareness among our employees, volunteers, and users – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner 

We have a number of objectives that support these statements.   Successes in meeting targets will be made available in our quarterly impact reports.  

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