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Introducing Inclusion Barnet's Community Organisation Support Membership

Inclusion Barnet, a proud partner with Young Barnet Foundation (YBF) of the Barnet Together partnership, has recently unveiled its newest initiative: the Community Organisation Support Membership. This membership is specifically designed to provide infrastructure support, assistance and resources for groups working within the adult/other space (other groups that do not fall within the children/young people’s/families space), complementing the existing benefits of CYP/F YBF membership.

If you represent a Voluntary Community Faith or Social Enterprise organisation (VCFSE) operating in Barnet, and your focus extends beyond the Children and Young People/Families, we highly recommend joining this free membership. By doing so, you can take full advantage of the many benefits offered across Barnet Together.

The Inclusion Barnet Community Organisation Support Membership serves as a valuable resource hub for organisations that cater largely for the adult community (25+). As per our Barnet Together partnership, it aims to empower organisations by offering a range of support services, including access to information, networking opportunities, and capacity-building initiatives. By becoming a member, you will gain valuable insights and tools that can help enhance your organisation's impact within the community.

So, Children/young people and Families groups and are not a member join Young Barnet Foundation and for Adults/other join Inclusion Barnet. Working with everyone? – You are welcome to join us both #StrongerTogether.

Having dedicated memberships for CYP/F and Adults/other ensures that we, as BT, know our sectors well, know the local landscape, know the challenges faced by the cohorts you support and can help develop the sectors accordingly, we can represent and advocate for our memberships clearly within strategic conversations. And all this whilst being under the umbrella of Barnet Together, sharing resources, training offers thus bringing you all the best support possible.

To sign up for Inclusion Barnet's newly-launched Community Organisation Support Membership, simply visit their website at

Alternatively, if you have any queries or require further information, you can reach out to the team directly via email at

By joining the Community Organisation Support Membership, you become part of the Barnet Together network with like-minded organisations working towards a more inclusive and supportive Barnet community. Together, we can create a lasting positive change and ensure that all individuals, regardless of age or ability, have access to the services and resources they need.

Inclusion Barnet and the Young Barnet Foundation, along with third Barnet Together partner Volunteering Barnet, are excited to invite you to be part of this community initiative and contribute to the growth and development of the Barnet community. Sign up today and unlock the countless opportunities that await you through Barnet Together.


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