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The RAF Museum is going to be putting on an Art Exhibition focusing on the Battle of Britain and they are looking for partner organisations to add a co-curation element to the project.

They would love for young people to be a part of this exhibition as a lot of the themes within the artwork and artists are relevant to young people today – employment (or lack of) and migrant communities being two examples.

Ideas regarding what the co-curation element could look like are listed below but the museum would love to hear how groups would like to be involved:

  • Young people could get involved with researching particular artists/works and responding by firstly writing a short summary of what they have gleaned from the files, to help guide their choices for devising audio-visual kiosk and online content. The emphasis will be very much on their personal views of stories and individual responses to the art works.

  • Young people could design a mural (many of the artists in the exhibition are linked to mural painting). The main theme that might be interesting to pursue with a mural design project is employment. It could examine the possibility of realising a painted design (there is a funding body for murals), or it could take a lighter, less costly approach to screening digital projections of community group designs within or on the stairs leading up to the exhibition. The Museum would introduce the young people to key artworks, photographs, and Battle of Britain stories, to encourage fresh creative interpretations, as well as some audio-visual commentary on their thoughts about artists’ employment.

  • Another option is for the young people to curate an evening of activities around the exhibition – often this works well with younger groups. This could potentially be developed into an Arts Award project or a project whose aim is to pair older age audiences with young people in order to programme something unique and relevant to a cross-section of society. Possibly some work might be produced in film, for a screening in our auditorium (or an outdoor screening) – younger people responding to the stories of older witnesses to the Battle of Britain and Blitz, and older white British people in conversation with younger people from migrant communities – there’s a whole range of possibilities.

These are initial ideas but the museum would love to speak to anyone interested in working on the exhibition in any capacity.

Please contact Julia, Curator of Fine Art and Medals, at the RAF Musuem on

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