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Last Day of Work Experience – Anis

Today was my last day of work experience. The task that we did first was to take some draft skeches of Janet's and turn these into final sketches, for a pice Janet is doing on generous leadership. Gita and I split the task between us as there are quite a lot however I enjoyed doing this task. It took a while but after finishing this task, I adjusted my drafts of the hoodie design to get the final piece. I am very pleased with how the final design looked and am excited to see what it would look like on the hoodie.

For lunch, Pete ordered us some pizza. While waiting for the pizza, Gita and went out to buy a present for them and made a card to thank them for letting us have our work experience at Young Barnet Foundation.

Overall, I really enjoyed my week of work experience and have learnt different skills such as using Canva to make design and using shotcut to make videos. I also learnt what the atmosphere in a workplace is like as in school everything is timetabled for us whereas here, we had to be organised and manage our own time to finish all our work that we were given.

I very happy that I came to Young Barnet Foundation for work experience.

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