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Fourth day of work experience – Anis

Today I started creating a few drafts of my hoodie design on Canva. I created my first design using the design that I drew out as a guide. I had to change the design a bit as the banners were smaller than on the one that I drew out which meant I had to use a smaller font. This meant I had to change my design a bit to have a bigger font however, I am proud of how the design on the final draft looks. Gita and I also sat in a meeting with someone from Middlesex University. We then went to lunch.

After lunch, Gita and I were asked to edit job descriptions for future placements from Middlesex University to come and work at Young Barnet Foundation. We were both given two each to complete. As this task was relatively easy to complete, I complete it quickly.

After completing the job descriptions, Pete showed me how to use an editing software called shotcut to create videos. After showing me how to use it, I started creating the video with all the members logos. I liked doing this as it some something that I have never really done before. I enjoyed my day today at Young Barnet Foundation and I am excited to see what I’ll do tomorrow.

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