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Gita’s work experience Day 3

Today’s morning was similar to the day before, Anis and I worked independently towards finished our blogs from the past day and prepared for another interview with the Operational Manager, Pete.

Throughout the interview, I noticed Pete was very skilful and showed a lot of passion and pride towards ‘Space2Grow’. Similarly, to the other interviews, I strengthened my communication and listening skills as well as put them into practise.

Once we finished up with the interview, Anis and I were given a small introduction on how to use the CRM system ‘salesforce’ which was relatively simple and easy. We began the task data entry where we imported information from the data research we completed yesterday, onto salesforce. After transferring all the information, my skills for organisation, IT and independence improved.

After getting lunch with Anis, my next task consisted of summarising the interview answers into paragraphs describing the team. Anis and I split the work in two, and worked collectively to complete them, demonstrating teamwork. I then shifted my focus back to my layout design that I created yesterday and began bringing it to life onto Canva.

It took me a while to finally get the design the way I pictured it in my mind, but eventually I managed to create a bio design I was honestly proud of. I was then properly introduced to the website ‘Wix’ and was given a clear introduction. The only challenge I faced with the website was arranging the text to perfectly align my design but after a lot of patience, I finally completed it.

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