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Millie's Second Day at YBF

I began the second day of my work experience writing my Monday blog- reflecting over my first day and looking forward to the day ahead. My second day was devoted to building on the knowledge I had already acquired about Young Barnet Foundation, the projects they support and the partners they work with. I also became accustomed to office work and how it differs considerably to school work.

he first and most interesting portion of the day was the monthly team meeting where the team discussed their personal successes over the month, what they have coming up and how others can help them. It was great to witness how they collaborate and help one another, as well as, working independently. It allowed me to clarify what role each member of the team plays and how varied their work can be. This was also an opportunity for me to find out what sort of projects they are working on at the moment, so as to broaden my knowledge on the work of Young Barnet Foundation. Once the meeting finished I began typing up the minutes, this reinforced my understanding of what was discussed and meant I felt like I was doing something productive and helpful with my time.

In the afternoon I continued imputing data for the research turnover project I started on Monday. Having spent lots of time on this I no longer felt out of practice working with technology and numbers. The more data I imputed the more I realised just how many local organisations Young Barnet Foundation help and support. The data I recorded was from a wide array of organisations from scout groups

to disability charities, sports clubs to refugee support, assisting my understanding of what a broad range of good causes Young Barnet Foundation is involved in.

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