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Allessey Work Experience Day 2.

I started by arriving at 9:30 today, earlier than before, as I walked down with Millie we were greeted by Charlotte at the door as she let us inside. In the morning we were asked to sit in with the staff meeting, I found it quite interesting how everyone shared their progress and discussed important questions raised by the team. I especially enjoyed listening to the discussions over current debates over the government.

After the meeting, I started on my blog from yesterday whilst working to complete a template for job vacancies available with the company, which Emma had asked me to do since I’d become quite confident with using canva from the day before. The template featured volunteers Appling for the jobs available for events.

After completing my morning tasks, it was around lunch time, so I left for lunch, it was colder since the day before, so we decided to not walk too far, after we came back from our walk I decided to start writing up my questions for my interview of Sarah the (development manager) after finishing writing up my questions I was excited and ready to start the interview. I learned so much talking to Sarah about her career and how she decided to work for the company. The interview inspired me and helped me understand what its like to work for a charity and how to apply for future jobs. I separated my questions and typed them up as a blog ready to upload later on, after finishing my interview Emma showed me how to design a blog template to upload, she then uploaded my blog to the website before we finished the day.

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