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Paloma's Last Day on Work Experience!

So it's already my last day here, isn't it crazy how time flies when you're having fun?

I started off the day by completing yesterday’s daily blog and attaching a photograph to it. I then started off the afternoon with the faith groups task Pete set me. This was to research each religious organisation e.g Church, synagogue and find out more about the youth services they offer. If the information wasn’t clear on the website, I would have to call them up to find out. After finding out the information, I had to input what they do, according to age groups, onto a pre-made Excel spreadsheet.

Lunch time came and it was a real treat! As it was my last day here on work experience, the team decided to order in some Domino’s pizza. I was very touched about this as it made me feel my time spent here in the office was highly valued and appreciated.

Later, Pete then went through the employer’s report given to me by my school, St James’ Catholic High School. We discussed, my behaviour, punctuality and attendance which he was all pleased with. He then told me about joining the organisation because of being here in the office for two weeks.

My favourite part of my work experience placement was the constant use of Canva with Emma. This changed my mind and opened my eyes perhaps giving me the idea to pursue a career in design instead. Shadowing what she does as the comms officer, I found it extremely interesting and a job one would love waking up early in the morning to go to. I would say my least favourite task was the faith groups tasks I did earlier on today. It was slightly boring as most websites didn’t withhold the information needed to fulfil my task making it a lot harder for me to complete.

To conclude, I would say my work experience here at Young Barnet Foundation has been the best for me! I enjoyed every single moment from the meetings, to the chicken cheque letter, the photography days and even the designing with Emma. I would highly recommend everyone to volunteer or apply here for work experience as it is not something you would regret. I never once found myself procrastinating as Pete was always providing me with something for me to do.

The other staff in the office are also one of the friendliest and welcoming people ever; they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the time I was just settling in. Hence why I would love to thank the team for making my time here a ball! For example with Pete, who looked after me very well and made my time here what it was, going out of his way to give me tasks. Or with Sarah, the mother-figure who always checked up on me making sure I’m okay or Jan never failing to make me giggle. With Charlotte always reassuring if I’m finding my tasks okay and Emma boosting my confidence with her positive feedback. Without them all, my experience here wouldn’t be the same.

I would come here time and time again if I could. Thank you so much Young Barnet!

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