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Paloma's Eighth Day of Work Experience - The Royal Air Force Museum

Soon after arriving at the office, a handle of people from different organisations also followed through the door.

This was in preparation for Janet’s meeting in the morning. This was about connecting different organisations to create a youth system, which would run 40 weeks of the year, where children and young people can attend to play different sports and receive a hot meal also. I think this is a good idea as it keeps children out of trouble yet also engages them into numerous amounts of sports which could perhaps help them discover which sport was made for them.

I then continued on my day by completing the task Emma set me yesterday. This was to design a badge logo to represent the Community Connectors on Canva. I enjoyed this because it helped me improve my knowledge of how to use Canva. It also made me feel very included and part of the team as Emma told me the five designs I created will be reviewed to perhaps actually become official (fingers crossed!)

The day then finished with a lovely free visit to the Royal Air Force Museum (RAF) with Pete. This was really fun as they were showcasing their community opening event after an £18 million refurbishment which took 18 months to complete. It was interesting as they had all sorts of new interactive stations and games which were so fun and intriguing for all ages. Not to forget also spotting an aircraft that could land on water which I wasn’t even aware ever existed!

This was a very good day as it allowed me to research and learn new things.

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