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Paloma's Seventh Day of Work Experience

The sun was shining as so was I, thinking about the plan of my day ahead...

I arrived at the office and everyone was here. Soon after my arrival, I set off with Sarah in her car to the Gold Trust, located at the Shires golf Club in High Barnet. The Golf Trust was set up by Cae Menai Davis and Frank Harrington to bring people together through golf, bring benefits to young people and make golf an accessible sport to all. I found this meeting with Sarah and Cae the most interesting. Cae addressed how he had several plans he’d love to set up in the future which really pleased Sarah. The sights and views at the golf hub were amazing also!

After returning from my break, Pete and I spent the afternoon driving around several parts of the Barnet borough to take more photographs for the website. This was fun as he took me through parts of Barnet that I’ve never been to before. This made me realise that there is more to the borough that I live in than I thought – way more to explore! For example, Bishop Avenue in Hampstead Garden Suburb which Pete told me is the most expensive road in the country. The long road had multiple massive mansions and houses from the start to the end. However, it did show me that there are other areas of Barnet that are forgotten about as they do not appear to look as beautiful and as home friendly - areas which are very deprived.

This was my best day so far because I spent the majority of the day out of the office learning lots of new things and embracing the lovely sunshine and fresh air outdoors (not to forget the ice cream Pete bought me earlier on too!)

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