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East-Central Hub Development Group Integrated Hubs for Families and Young People

The LA are leading an initiate to co-locate services to 3 locality areas. See map, below, the area are: -

  • East Central – covering High Barnet, Underhill, Whetstone, East Barnet, Southgate, Brunswick Park, most of Finchley and Osidge (in green)

  • West – covering Mill Hill, Edgware, Burnt Oak, Colindale (in blue)

  • South – covering Hendon, Grahame Park, Brent Cross, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Golders Green, Childs Hill (in red)

The model is further explained in the accompanying PowerPoint. It is very much at the development stage, and we, YBF, were invited to meetings so that the vision could be shared with us and with you. I know that we have discussed this, with you as members during our sector development days. We also touched/explored ways to mirror the locality model to form 3 local CYP VCS networks to enable us, as a sector, to offer more targeted support to CYP and families and to build closer working relationships with our statutory partners, LA, Health, Schools etc. within the locality models.

We are hopeful that the model could

  1. Allow us, as YBF, to support sector development based on locality areas.

  2. Allows us, as a CYP VCS, to offer more targeted support for CYP and Families.

  3. Allows us, as the CYP VCS, to develop our networks on a locality basis, forming better connections between us, as the VCS, opening opportunities for joint working and perhaps joint bids.

  4. Allows us, as the CYP VCS to offer better supported pathways for our CYP and their families.

  5. Promotes more joint working between us a CYP VCS and other stakeholders.

  6. Allow us, as the VCS, to feed into the locality model /partners

  7. Recognising capacity issues, we have suggested locality representative attends main boards, negating the need for everyone to attend, assuring the VCS are involved in conversations and developments.

  8. The first locality will be going live in September - that is East Central - if you deliver in East Central and would like to be invited to the launch, please drop us an email.

As you know, YBF, will be sending out a survey for you to complete on behalf of your organisations, this will not only help us to help you but will feed into this stand of work and the CAMHS transformation. So, I really need to impress upon you, how important it is for us all that you participate. This will be with you next week.

With the locality model, partners will be seeking local solutions to help local people. This ranges across all support services including the CAF process (please see attached local panel protocols and the CYPF Hubs explained). Once we have more details, we will endeavour to set up a member meeting and invite partners to share the vision. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss further.

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