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Rozerin's Work Experience Day 5: Work in the Office

It was unbelievable as to how fast time had passed during the week, it was Friday already meaning it was the last day of my work experience with the Young Barnet Foundation. I made my mind up to stay connected to them after work experience had finished simply because I thought that what they do is amazing for the community we live in.

When I woke up I realised I had texts from Ursula, reminding me that she was coming with me to the office today. This only made me look forward to the day even more. On our way, there we shared what we had done over the week, she too explained that she would like to stay on with the group called Exposure.

Upon our arrival, Jan opened the door for us. As usual, she was very enthusiastic and her positive vibe is in my opinion the most likable thing. The heart to heart conversation the three of us had only made me like the Young Barnet Foundation more. I found that discovering grownups like Jan whom are genuinely passionate about youths meant a lot to me as a young person.

Emma came in and helped us get started on our first task of the day, which was to research hairdressers, barbers and anything along those lines which could be located within Barnet. Pete gave us an idea of what kind of information we should look for, this was general contact details such as email, telephone and the shop’s address. Getting to do this with Ursula helped get us through it quicker, but we both had the same issue, a lot of these businesses did not have email addresses.

Whilst me and Ursula made our way through the work Pete let us know that he would be ordering Pizza to the office, it was slightly hard making the pizza choice but once it was done and Pete clicked the order button we were all raring to go.

We had a nice collective pizza break, this was a good way for us to all engage with each other and again spend time bonding.

Steadily as the day went on, it was that time of day again where we reflect on what we have done and write a review. From time to time when writing these reviews, I found it hard to pick what I should include and what I shouldn’t since so much had been done and said throughout the day.

Once the end of the day drew closer, I could not help but think about how much I appreciated being with the team for the short and sweet time I was with them. I don’t think I would have liked to have been anywhere but here. It was a lovely working environment containing lovely, hardworking and passionate individuals.

We want to give every young person the opportunity to achieve. We can’t do this without your help.​

From donating money, online or texting to donate, large or small, you can help create a brighter future for Barnet’s youth.

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