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Ursula's Work Experience Day 3: Podcast preparation with Exposure

I met up with Fran (from Exposure) and a few other students at the ARTs Depot to make some more notes and a record some ideas in preparation for the podcast they would recording properly in two weeks’ time on the topic ‘religion’.

I originally was not actually meant to be a part of the podcast but Fran and the rest of the group asked me some questions and discovered that it may be better to have me be a part of it after all as I portrayed quite different views on religion being the only Christian there compared to the rest of the group. We were all assigned different topics within religion that would be talking about and will be meeting again next week to go over it all just one last time before properly recording the podcast. Again, it was interesting to hear everyone’s views on what religion means to them and I am super excited to be a part of it the podcast which will be done at BBC Studios.

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