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Barnet Council Public Health commission Get Set UK to better manage mental wellbeing in workplace

Barnet Council Public Health have commissioned The Working Well Service (Get Set UK) to small and medium Barnet based businesses in the borough to better manage mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The service has been available for the past year and we have successfully supported up to 30 SMEs across the borough to improve the management of mental wellbeing within workplace. This is a pilot that has been extended to accommodate an additional 20 employers to access the FREE service for the duration of the pilot.

The basic level of the service provides you

• Free Employer Handbook/ Guide with resources on how to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace

• Free confidential Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA) to organisations identify areas in current processes and systems that need improvement, with recommendations for improvement areas.

• Initial Action Points which are fast, effective actions that take no more than few minutes to implement and to start the organisation off on its journey of improvement.

• Information on the Free Introduction to our Progression Coach Service ( which provides Self- Help toolkit , introduction counselling and wellbeing services for employees and from a registered BACP registered counsellor up to 26 weeks to pass onto your employees

Additional Free Benefits if you wish to access them include

• Free Mental Health Awareness Training (normal cost is £75-100 per attendee).

• Free Stress Management and Resilience Training

• Free Workforce Wellbeing Report- fully confidential electronic employee wellbeing survey results are consolidated for reporting non-identifying information.

The above is the very basic level of service offer, but there is more support on offer if the organisation wishes for more once registered.

Email to register your interest


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