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Young Barnet Foundation was joined by St Andrew the Apostle student Mashal Shaikhani for a week of work experience. Mashal was tasked with creating signage and displays for the new co-working space at our East Barnet office and we look forward to welcoming members to this new facility when restrictions allow. Mashal kept a diary of her time here at Young Barnet Foundation which you can read below. We thank Mashal for her bright energy and hard work and wish her all the best with her future endeavours!

My first day included a tour of the office by COO Peter Williamson, and meeting the members that were in as well as the CEO. I was given an in depth briefing of what I was required to do throughout the week, and what areas would need my concentration. I was also introduced to my main task of the week, which was making the signage and posters for the office. I then started my first task, which was updating the twitter account of the Young Barnet Foundation doing the job of making sure all members were followed on all social media accounts. Furthermore, I was informed of the HAF holiday program and that the Foundation were given funding by the government to support its members to run summer activities for children. I spent the rest of my afternoon working on my design task.

My second day began with a meeting with the whole team at Young Barnet Foundation, and to present our objectives and tasks for the week. I worked briefly on the posters and then completed some work for the school diary. Then, I completed two more posters and design tasks I was given, resulting in the end of the day.

My third day consisted of two meetings, one with a group called Groundwork London about the Kickstart employment scheme. My second meeting was with a member of the Young Barnet Foundation. The second half of my day consisted of an informative meeting with the CEO of the Foundation, Janet Matthewson. I asked her some questions, as sort of a Q&A to understand her theory, belief and aims for the Young Barnet Foundation. I then took notes and summarized ideas from her interview, and then my day concluded.

Day Four - Day four was a shorter day for me, I started with my school diary notes, and blog then finishing up the posters and making last minute tweaks and fixes. After lunch, my day concluded.

Day Five - The Fifth Day was my last day of my work experience. I did some signage and then finalised the posters with Peter to print. After printing and laminating some of the signs, I stuck them onto the office tables. The rest of my afternoon was consumed by sticking member pictures on the wall, as a collage to display. I ended with finishing up my diary, and reviewing my week of work experience, with the skills I learned, and the lovely experience I had this week.


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