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Work experience by David

During my first day, from 9:30-12:00 I had a short briefing and used Google SketchUp to create a design for a game to be used for a fundraising event. I had lunch then I created a logo on Canva. For my next couple of days, I did some data entry on Microsoft Excel and salesforce and created posters for upcoming events such as World Mental Health Day (also on Canva) and on my last day I had a pizza which was a nice way to end the week.

I have learnt that this charity supports other charities in the borough by storing data and organising events for organisations that support young people and is called an ‘infrastructure’ charity. I have also learnt that the charity is run by staff but governed by trustees as they are responsible to ensure that it complies to charity commission rules.

I think that the week has been very useful and informative as it has given me an idea of what working in an office will be like in the future. It shows that tasks can be less structured, varied and not always enjoyable or easy when compared to school but are easy to adapt to and can be useful to the organisation if done to a high standard.

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