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Second day of work experience - Anis

Today was my second day of work experience. In the morning I finished my blog for day one which I didn’t finish so that we could upload it. After I finished it, I went on to doing some data research on lots of different organisation. I needed to find the income of different organisations for the past years and write them down on the table. After I finished doing the data research, Gita and I went to lunch.

After we came back from lunch, I moved on to creating a blog design for my blog on Canva. I enjoyed creating the blog design as I got to be creative with the design and think of what it was going to look like. Gita and I then interviewed Debra for the staff bio using the questions that we planned yesterday. As Sarah was not going to be in this week, Debra also answered our interview questions for Sarah so that we had information for her bio for the website.

After we finished interviewing Debra, Pete showed me and Gita how to upload our blogs and our designs on to the website. After uploading our blogs, I started thinking of designs for the hoodies that would look good. So far, I have drawn out one design which I really like.

I enjoyed day 2 as I got to be creative with what I was designing. Also, while doing the interviews these two days, I saw how they cared out about the members that they work with.

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