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Gita’s work experience Day 2

My morning started off relaxed and quiet, Anis and I independently finished off our blog from the previous day and also began a data research project.

After I completed the research task, I began working on my blog design on the website, Canva. My creativity unravelled as I began immediately gathering little images to create a small design that represented me and the charity. Once I was happy with my design I printed out the questions ready for an interview with Fundraising and Partnership Manager, Debra.

Throughout the meeting with Debra, it was noticeable how genuinely sweet and generous she was as well as very easy to talk to. I was also able to strengthen my communication and listening skills by asking the questions that were answered with such enthusiasm.

Once we returned back to the office, Anis and I posted our first blog onto the website, it was nice knowing that my thoughts throughout the day were valued enough to be presented onto the website. The next task consisted of designing a draft website layout design on an A3 paper. I was quite proud of my finished idea, it reflected the colours that represent Young Barnet Foundation and I made sure to contrast them with each other, since this was a pattern that occurred in their website a few times. I also thought about how I wanted the pictures to be shot and shown on the site. My idea was to take two pictures of each staff member and add a filter to the first picture to make it look like a drawing, then once the mouse hovers over the picture, it will reveal a more realistic picture.

After deciding feeling confident and proud of my draft design, I decided to play around with a few websites and began editing a few images as well as adding filters to them. I ended the day feeling confident with my work and excited for what the next day has to offer.

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