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First Day of Work Experience - Anis

As it was my first day of work experience at Young Barnet Foundation, I felt nervous however after a while I felt more at ease after being introduced to the staff as they were very welcoming and friendly. My first day of work experience began at 9:30 in the morning where I went to a meeting which finished at 11:30.

The meeting was at the New Barnet Community centre. This meeting gave me an insight to what Young Barnet Foundation does and allowed me to learn more about them and how they work with other organisations such as the Jack Petchey Foundation.

When the meeting finished, I came to the office and went to lunch. After I had my lunch, I had my induction with Pete where I got given some leaflets that has some information on them about Young Barnet Foundation. We created the timetable that had the things that I would be doing for the week which as I was excited for as I was going to learn a lot of different things.

After the induction, I had to come up with interview questions with Gita that we would ask the staff which would be used for the staff bio for the website. we thought of questions such as their favourite aspect of working here and some achievement that they are proud of accomplishing while working here. We also thought about the layout for the bio page on the website. We then interviewed Janet, the CEO of the charity, to get some information for her bio.

Overall, I enjoyed my first day of work experience at Young Barnet Foundation as I learnt a lot of thing that I did not know about the charity, such as all the organisation that they work with to help young people. I also enjoyed meeting the staff of the charity as they were really nice and helped me settle in for the week.

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