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Member Spotlight: Colindale Communities Trust (CCT)

Colindale Communities Trust (CCT) vision is’ to develop sustainable projects and partnerships that bring people together, as well as improving the economic and social wellbeing of people in Grahame Park and surrounding Colindale’.

Our key aims are to;

  • identify local needs to influence community services,

  • ensure provision and management of effective facilities,

  • ensure partners join up to prevent duplication and maximise benefit of working together for the benefit of the community,

  • further economic well-being of residents by supporting the improvements of skills, learning and routes into employment,

  • ensure clear and accessible information and communication within the community and between agencies.

Our drive over this year has been to bring together a range of youth providers committed to Grahame Park and Barnet, to maximise support for the varying needs of young people, provide value for money, evidence based delivery, and a collaborative programme which can be sustainable. Young people wanted consistent support and a safe space so CCT has taken on the lease of the ‘old’ GP Library to develop it into an innovative enterprise, cultural and youth hub. Our generic and skills based youth services are delivered by the community, voluntary and charitable sector, and current partners on this journey are; AAK, YUAF, OTBYS, 4FrontProject and Youth Realities.

To find out more or provide support (funds, furniture, equipment, etc.) please contact:

Bina Omare, CEO, or

Jan Brennan, CD Manager,

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