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Third Day of Work Experience

Allessey talks about her third day at Young Barnet Foundation...

Today I started off with writing up my blog from yesterday, I then started on the Turnover project which is about looking at the financial side of working with charities I used Excel to sort out the numbers and costs in columns, this project helps with the insight of how the company handles its charities.

I learned a lot about different charities and their specialities as I was going through the lists it showed how many different organisations invest into helping people of different needs, and it shows how the community comes together to create a better environment for everyone.

We left for lunch early and walked to get ice-cream whilst Pete went to get the frames for the Art for teen market project, when we arrived back I helped Millie learn how to use canva to help with designing our backgrounds for the 3D frames which are going to be sold for the project.

I designed the backgrounds for girls whilst she did the boys, it took a while to get the right pictures to use then we printed them out and used them to create the backs, we had to paint the backpiece, so the frame would look better. I added different colour gems to create effect, and we stuck down different quotes and stickers to promote the charity.

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