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Paloma's Fourth Day of Work Experience - Salesforce

I arrived at the office early in the morning to begin the most productive day of my work experience so far.

I began with a brief catch up meeting with Pete. We went over my week timetable going through the tasks I’ve completed over the past three days.

This was then followed by the Salesforce training with Pete. He taught me how to differentiate between strategic partners, business partners and other types of partners within the system. The task was to input a stack of Jan’s business cards’ information into the computer matching contacts to their organisations, this helps the organisation with GDPR compliance.

After resuming from my break, Gillen, Director of Engagement at London Youth, arrived at the office for a meeting with Jan in the afternoon. This was interesting because it taught me that whilst London Youth and Young Barnet Foundation are both membership organisations, their members offers complements each other for the betterment of the local organisations.

After the meeting, I finished off the day by continuing to put Jan’s contacts into Salesforce until it was complete. This was interesting because it showed how Young Barnet are organised as their contacts information is stored in one place and easily accessible.

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