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Paloma's Fifth Day of Work Experience - Photography & Banking

For the day, it was just Pete, Jan and I in the office so I started off the day writing my daily blog for yesterday.

I then cracked on with the QuickBooks file upload task. This was uploading the files, which were scanned receipts and invoices, and attaching them to the banking history of the organisation on the QuickBooks software. This was helpful as it again, linked to my external A-Level studies – Business Studies. This is because it taught me how businesses keep track of their expenditure which is relevant as it helps present the future success likelihood of the organisation. For example, through how it can be put to the use to produce a cashflow forecast.

Later on in the afternoon, Pete gave me the camera with the task to go out and take photographs whilst exploring the borough of Barnet. This was done in order to improve the new and developing Young Barnet Foundation website as the photographs already on there were limited and quite often repeated.

This was fun as it taught me how to use a sophisticated camera and improve my photography skills on a nice sunny day. I went on aimless errands around Burnt Oak taking photos in places like Montrose Park and Watling Avenue.

I then jumped on the 251 bus and travelled to its final destination – Edgware. This allowed me take photographs of several things like the Underground Station, high streets and the local nearby shops.

After catching a few hours of fresh air and sunshine, I returned to the office at the end of the day.

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