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Paloma's Third Day of Work Experience - Food Secure Barnet

So I arrived at the office earlier in the morning to make it in time for the Food Secure Barnet in the church hall next door. This was an event taken place where several charities and organisations gather in conference to discuss the causes, effects and solutions to food insecurity for the people and families of Barnet.

Pete took me downstairs where I met up with Jan to go through for the Light Rescue breakfast. This was a lovely idea as the food used were sourced from food franchises who planned on throwing away the food. This is good because it reduces the overall amount of food waste in the borough which of course supports the idea of tackling food insecurity.

It was then followed by the needs assessment and focus group lead by Rachel Hodge and Nicholas Wells. This was interesting as they highlighted key points, like the problem of childhood obesity and its contribution to the community. I liked this event because it opened my eyes to notice how several key issues are hidden within Barnet. Bearing in mind that I have lived in the borough for 17 years, before today I was not aware of the lack of food security within this borough.

I then arrived back at the office where I started with my Young Barnet Star Awards budget proposals given to me by Charlotte. The task was to organise the awards ceremony finding the perfect venue, theme etc. whilst sticking to a particular budget. This was fun because during which, I decided to design the certificate on Canva. I believe this was a good idea as it is cost-effective because it allows us to print the certificates from the office rather than buy them elsewhere.

To finalise the day, I did the proof reading of the monthly Newsletter, which was written by Emma. This was interesting as it gave me a clearer insight on what the Young Barnet Foundation members gain from the organisation. Moreover, the ending was good as there were no errors in the literature.

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