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Have you seen our latest animation?

We were lucky enough to have Zachary join us from Middlesex University Community Placement Scheme to create this masterpiece. Let’s go behind the scenes to see how it was made.

Zachary met with Emma (Comms at Young Barnet Foundation) to hear about the brief. It was simple, we wanted a short engaging animation created to show why we exist and why people should donate to us.

We produced written storyboard guide for the content but left the rest as blank canvas to allow Zachary to apply his creative flair. He started by creating a series of sketched out ideas, relating to the script. Whilst exploring ways in which the characters would interact, behave and transition from one frame to the other.

Drawing inspiration from the Disney Pixar feature film Toy Story, Zachary began sketching our mascot Barnie starting the animation as a lifeless teddy bear then transforming into a large happy bear full of life.

It was a key part of the brief to feature some of the amazing activities that our members offer for local children and young people, including football, drama, canoeing transitioning through to nails. Zachary then created a rough animation to time the character's movements and scene transitions.

It was time to bring these sketches to life by creating the style frames for each scene to understand exactly how the colours and textures would look. Using a mixture of traditional and digital methods, the simplistic backgrounds were hand painted and the characters photoshopped.

Asked what he would take away from spending time with YBF, Zachary said 'Always communicate, listen and ask questions so that you understand what emotion or message you want your target audience to feel. Creating the animation for YBF was also a great confidence boost. Don’t forget share blog posts of your process too.'

A huge thank you to Zachary for producing such a wonderful animation. Keep an eye out for an interview with Zachary featuring on our blog soon.

If you can't wait, check out his Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr.

Thank you also to Middlesex University for their Community Placement Scheme, which allowed this to happen!

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