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Help Your Barnet: ‘Barnet Fair – Do Your Hair!’

The Young Barnet Foundation (YBF) has teamed up with HOB Salons and over 20 local hairdressers and barbers across the Borough of Barnet to raise money for disadvantaged children and young people this winter.

The ‘Barnet Fair – Do Your Hair!’ campaign will raise awareness about the needs of disadvantaged children and young people living locally – with up to 40% living in poverty in some areas - and raise money for YBF’s ‘Space 2 Grow’ Fund to support activities and opportunities for them. This includes children who are hungry in school holidays, those who are carers, those with additional learning, disability and mental health needs – those who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to participate in arts, sport and other fun activities.

HOB Salons will be launching #Barnet Fair with all-day fundraisers in their Barnet, Whetstone and Southgate salons on Saturday 25 November, and lots of other salons and barbers will be taking part across the Borough throughout December.

“HOB Salons are so pleased to be partnering with the Young Barnet Foundation to raise awareness of the challenges some local children and young people are facing on our doorsteps and help them through a fundraiser directly linked with our hair-dressing business. This campaign reflects our commitment to championing youth development and opportunity through our HOB Academy training and apprenticeship programmes” explained HOB Salons Director Paul Simbler.

Customers will be able to enter the ‘Barnet Fair hair selfie’ competition by uploading a photo onto social media and promoting local businesses by thanking their salons online.

YBF Chief Executive Janet Matthewson said, “We are delighted that local businesses are joining forces with us to focus on the challenges children and young people in our area are facing and to raise money to help make a difference to their lives. We are looking forward to launching ‘Barnet Fair’ on Saturday 25 November with renowned HOB Salons whose Academy offers young people training opportunities.”

If you’re a hairdresser or know of a salon who like to get involved please make sure to get in touch by emailing Sara at

To donate £3 to Young Barnet Foundation text YBFD25 £3 to 70070 Please make a big difference by setting up a regular donation. Find out more at Your support will help us change children’s lives.

The Young Barnet Foundation (YBF)

YBF is a membership movement set up to help grow activities and opportunities for children and young people in the London Borough of Barnet. YBF has 120 charities and community groups as members and runs the ‘Space 2 Grow’ Fund to which they can apply, focused on providing children and young people with safe space and great programmes and experiences to grow and develop into resilient adults.

HOB Salons

HOB Salons is a multi-award-winning salon group founded in 1983 and with 25 branches across London and the north. Focusing on delivering excellence in hairdressing and service, every HOB salon features stylish, contemporary surroundings and a team that has been trained in-house at HOB to attain the highest standards of styling and colour expertise. The salon group has received numerous accolades and awards, including four British Hairdresser of the Year titles, and produce several photographic collections every year to wide critical acclaim.

HOB Academy

HOB Academy and HOB Apprentice Academy, the two educational arms of the renowned HOB Salons brand, champion young people and provides them not only with the chance to qualify in their chosen profession but also act as a springboard into a rewarding career within a well established salon brand. Through the delivery of structured learning programmes backed up by a strong support network of dedicated professional tutors, learners are carefully prepared to make a smooth transition from the educational sphere into the world of employment. HOB offers both traineeship and apprenticeship programmes, enabling young people to find the best route to meet their individual needs and results in them finding a strong and fulfilling pathway to success.

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