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Ursula's Day Two: Work experience with Exposure at NTS Studios

I met up with Fran and we then went to pick up Bradley and made our way to Pavilion Study Centre to collect some students who would be working with exposure for the day interviewing Josh, a sound engineer/DJ at NTS Studios in Dalston, as well as Anna who works with Exposure and who’s idea it was to do the interview. We ended up making our way their first and I helped to set up the tri pod outside when it started to rain so we moved everything inside and just decided to do the interview in a room right beside the booth. I took charge of holding the boom during and the interview and wearing the headphones to make sure that everything could be heard clearly.

The interview went smoothly and we only had to stop recording a few times. Once the interview was over I helped to pack everything up and Josh offered to show us around their other studio site which was just across the road and we were then able to get some footage or Josh showing Richard (the interviewer) how to use some different devices in the studio and how to do special effects on the music. Josh then gave us all NTS pins and stickers as a thank you. We also thanked Josh and the NTS team for their time and made our way to Camden where I got my bus to go home.

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