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Ursula's Work Experience Diary - Day One At The RAF Museum

Helping and taking part in the Young Barnet Foundation’s Wellbeing Partnership Workshop at the RAF Museum

Today we met up with the Young Barnet Foundation at the RAF Museum to help them set everything up in time for their Wellbeing workshop event like tables, chairs, snacks, name tags and a few other things and even took part in two out of three workshops. The first half an hour to an hour of the day Rozerin and I helped Emma as much as possible to show people how to get to the destination where the event was taking place as the RAF Museum is quite large meaning that it wasn’t very hard to get lost but thankfully not many people did.

For the first workshop, I sat on the side with Rozerin, Emma and Sarah and took some notes on some of the key points that the Young Barnet Foundation’s members were stating. For the second session Peter kindly asked us both to take part in the meeting and answer some questions as well as write down some answers on the sticky notes to put up on the board which we both agreed to.

It was interesting to hear everyone’s points and their own individual ways of improving life for young people such as myself and ages below mine all the way up until 25 and it felt great to be in some way a part of something that I feel would have a huge positive impact on young people in Barnet someday. We were provided with lunch and drinks which was nice. I also during this time got to speak to the manager of Exposure which was where I would be spending the next three days of my work experience and he was able to get me on the phone with Fran so we could exchange details so that I had no problem getting through to her about where and what time to meet etc. We made sure that at the end of the session all rubbish was thrown in the bin and helped to stack up all the chairs and pack everything up in order.

We want to give every young person the opportunity to achieve. We can’t do this without your help.​

From donating money, online or texting to donate, large or small, you can help create a brighter future for Barnet’s youth.

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