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Resilient Families: Resilient Children

Early Years and Early Help - Karen Pearson, Head of Service, set out the vision for Barnet's children and young people, supporting the aspiration of being the most 'Family Friendly' Borough by 2020, a borough where children, young people and their families are safe, healthy, resilient, knowledgeable, responsible, informed and listened to.

Resilience will improve outcomes for children and young people

  • build a strong evidence base

  • align leaders, workforce, families and children with Barnet's corporate plan of Fairness; opportunity and responsibility

  • be systemic - cutting across services and partnerships.

​Practitioners were also presented with the Resilience-based tool​s to support the partnership. These are:

  • Signs of safety - resilience based toolkit

  • Graded Care Profile 2 - assessment tool for neglect

  • Menu of Interventions - directory of services

This is a single point of access to activities and services that will allow CYP practitioners to best support our children and young people’s journey.

If you would like your organisation to be included on the Menu of Interventions, please download and complete the MOI template and return this to Kirsty Reed, Early Years and Early Help Project Manager at

To enquire about training dates for Signs of Safety (SoS) and Graded Care Profile2 (GCP2) contact

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