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Young Peoples' Foundations Bringing Innovation to London's Youth

Sadiq Khan has already been using the Young People’s Foundation as an example of good practice. Read on to find out more.

Youth service funding Sian Berry (25-May-2016) Your predecessor committed to encouraging local councils to protect funds to youth services. What steps will you take to protect and increase GLA and council funding for youth services? The Mayor (25-May-2016) I want to ensure that young people have access to the support and services I had growing up in London, and I am committed to working with boroughs across all my manifesto commitments. While central government cuts to local authorities' budgets has placed pressure on their youth service budgets, I am encouraged that the picture in London is better than in some areas outside the capital. As well as the continuing roles of many City Hall youth and skills programmes, there are promising examples of innovation in London, such as OnSide's Youth Zone in Barking and Dagenham and John Lyon's Charity Young Peoples' Foundations. These new models of youth services create partnerships of the private sector, trusts, local authority, young people and the community, and have a needed focus on life chances and employability.

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