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LFJ Connecting Barnet Youth with Other Young People in Different Parts of the City

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, London Football Journeys will see the first of two football exchanges take place between West Hendon Youth Club and Ansar Youth Project. The exchange, delivered by coaches from QPR, will take place at Prince's Park Youth Football Club in Barnet.

The football exchange makes up the final part of the London Football Journey for West Hendon Youth Centre, where they will meet, play with and learn from young people from a different area of London. The young people involved have previously made a film about their community which was switched with Ansar Youth Project as they began to learn about a background, culture and area different from theirs.

The 'away leg' of the football exchange will see young people from Hendon travelling to Wembley Central as Ansar Youth Project take their turn to host, run games, share food and nominate others for awards.

The aim? To reduce feelings of prejudice, to experience new places and feel comfortable travelling to them, to socially mix with others from different backgrounds and to create positive leaders who represent their community.

To find out more visit their website here

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