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Terapia – bringing new life to The Bothy, Finchley

In 2016 Terapia secured funding from the Heritage Lottery fund and an independent donor to renovate an historic building called The Bothy in Finchley, set within the grounds of St Stephens House and Gardens. This will see an important local building brought to life, as a state of the art centre for integrative adolescent and child psychotherapy. By Summer 2017, we will be providing a range of services for families and their children - including psychotherapy sessions, play psychotherapy, art psychotherapy, family counselling, parenting classes and community events.

Let’s hand over to Terapia who will tell you more about who they are and what they do…

Terapia provides high quality psychotherapy training to students who want to work with young people and children. Our courses are accredited by the University of Bedfordshire.

We are committed to the belief that as child psychotherapists we are in a unique position of responsibility. We recognise that children are the most vulnerable members of our society and that their emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical wellbeing depends on the adults around them. Our psychotherapy trainees go through a thorough experiential and practice based learning with an emphasis on intense personal development and professional resilience. This gives them a solid therapeutic basis for their practice and encourages on-going development.

Our knowledge of, and confidence in, our trainees has allowed us to enter the world of service delivery within schools. This serves a dual purpose; it provides essential practice hours for our trainee volunteers and low cost access to psychotherapy for young people and children in their schools. The only cost for the school is a small management fee and the trainees’ supervision fees. Our trainees are supervised weekly at a ratio of 2 hour’s supervision for every 4 hours of psychotherapy that is being provided to a young person or child. We also work with parents in schools, providing adult counselling sessions to support parents and/ or carers while their child/ children are having psychotherapy. This supports the adults around the child to address any arising issues in a non-judging and caring way.

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