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Not all needs of a charity are financial, so why not give your time, old belongings or talents to make a contribution to a worthy cause. Here are our top tips for donating without spending a penny…

Volunteer your time

One of the best and simplest things you can do to help a charity is to give your time. Not only can you volunteer at a charity event or shop. You can also offer your professional skills and knowledge to support the work of a charity, like graphic design, legal work or accounting just to name a few.

Donate food, toys and books

From donating food to a local food bank, to getting rid of belongings you no longer need to a charity shop. No matter what type of unwanted item you have lying about your house, there is most likely a charity out there who would benefit from these.

Make Something You Can Donate

Getting crafty is a fantastic way to give to charity. There are lots of charities that offer free patterns on their website or Pinterest is a great way of finding ideas. From crocheting blankets for hospitals, to making dreamcatchers to paintings these all provide the opportunity to help others.

Raising Awareness

Making people aware of a charity which you feel passionate about is a brilliant way to get more money flowing their way. From promoting on social media to blogging or even taking on a challenge of lifetime such as a skydive and asking people to sponsor you, these are all great ways to help a charity to grow.

To find out more how you can help local charities in Barnet, please contact us on

Keep a look out for more ideas coming soon to our blog.

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