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Supplementary schools are community-led organisations that support education by providing additional content tailored to the pupil’s heritage.

We may travel the world and settle in a distant land but there is always something inside us – that we call home. We as people want to celebrate our past, our culture and our language but that does not stop us bridging the gap to our futures in our new home. Moving to a new land and calling it home should not erase a person’s history and that’s why supplementary schools are so important.

Not only do they help to support formal educational achievements but they also ensure that we become stronger in our new homes. It allows children and young people to know where they came from and who they are.

This isn’t segregation this is about celebrating our past and ensuring we have support for our future.

As a community we need to give credit to supplementary schools for their impact on education and for the support they provide in helping with the changes that a new home brings. Not to mention the invaluable youth and family support network that they offer.

Want to know more about the work supplementary schools do? If yes, check out this video...

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