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Gita’s work experience Day 1

My day began at 9:30am, where me and Anis were welcomed in a meeting held at New Barnet Community Centre. This meeting consisted of organisations that planned on making differences to young people’s lives which was reflected by the way they presented themselves during the small introduction as well as the enthusiasm they had while talking to each other. I got to gain insight and understanding on the type of work Young Barnet Foundation do and the type of organisations they fund. They really demonstrated how vital promoting opportunities was.

Once the meeting was over and we had our lunch, Anis and I were given an induction to the charity. We were introduced to a welcoming and friendly team that created a relaxed and calming environment in the office. I noticed they all seemed passionate about their work as well as committed. We were provided with informative leaflets that gave us a better and clearer understanding of the charity and an organogram that presented the positions of each staff member. We also talked through the timetable that was planned during the induction, as well as were told what we will be doing during the day. Pete explained that they needed a website page for information about the staff, which I was personally looking forward to helping form. Anis and I were asked to start with providing interview questions which enabled our communication skills as well teamwork skills.

Throughout the interview with Janet, I noticed she is very fond of her team even though its small, she demonstrates that small differences can really have huge impacts. She also really believes in others which was reflected by her enthusiasm about connecting people and the importance of emotional engagement. She inspired me in way to become more confident and resilient when I feel passionate about something.

Lastly, we got a small introduction to Canva, which was a website used to create logos and edit pictures in social media accounts. While we were talked through all the different elements of the website, we were also provided a chance to play around with it which encouraged and unlocked my creativity skills. This was because although I was unfamiliar with the site, my curiosity and different ideas allowed me to experiment and challenge my designs.

My final thoughts about the work experience are very positive and I am genuinely excited to see what else this charity has to offer me and what skills and attributes this opportunity will unlock for me during the next couple of days.

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