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Smaller Grants for Smaller Organisations 2024 - Space2Grow #33

Key Information:

Application open date: Monday 4th March 2024 
Closing Date: 23:59, Sunday 31st March 2024 
Applicants Informed: by week commencing 20th May 2024
Amount Available:  £50,000
Total Amount any one award:  £4,000.


Young Barnet Foundation are pleased to be able to bring to members a third year of Home School Community Funding from John Lyon's Charity, now renamed as Small Grants for Smaller Organisations.  

John Lyon's Charity has committed to supporting small organisations to aid the recovery from the effect of Covid lockdowns and this grant is to support either continuation, upscaling or piloting of projects. It is hoped that this funding doesn't just deliver a useful project or support to the Children and Young people across Barnet but also that the success and data collected from this project can be used to evidence the need to allow our members to apply for other funding such as the Space2Grow Main Grant, along with other regional and national funders such as the National Lottery or Children in Need.

What will get funded: 
Young Barnet Foundation and the independent panel are looking for applications from YBF members that will address at least one of the following areas;  

  • We are specifically seeking applications for projects/activities for children, young people and/or families that:

  • Undertake Early Intervention and Prevention

  • Promote Physical Activity

  • Encourage Young People to enjoy Outdoor Space and Activities

  • Addresses Mental Health

  • Employability & Life Skills

Applications must also demonstrate at least one of the following elements:

  • Meeting emerging need (in particular those which have emerged or escalated as a result of the pandemic)

  • Piloting a new initiative (with aim of using data to seek further funding)

  • Upscaling of an existing project with proven track record

  • Develop the Charity and/or Trustees

Applications do not need to try to tackle all of the issues listed above. The panel will be looking for applications that clearly explain the project delivery and identifies one major area and element to address.
Feedback from the panel at previous rounds of this funding were that a number of applications either did not clearly explain the project or tried to be too complicated for the size of grant applied for.

What has changed from previous rounds of funding 
From the previous years fund, two major ch

  • Organisations who are currently in receipt of an Open/Main grant from John Lyon’s Charity are excluded from application; it should, however, be noted that in the event of the sum of applications being greater than the total fund, priority may be given to those organisations who have not previously been in receipt of a grant from the John Lyon’s Charity

  • Organisations who were successfully awarded funding in Space2Grow#29 are excluded from this round of funding for applying for the same project; they may however apply for a different project. 

Who can apply?

Young Barnet Foundation members, who have completed the 2024 member renewal can apply, subject to conditions as set out in the criteria document. Members MUST have completed their 2024 renewal before applying.

There are 3 main exclusions:

  • You are currently in receipt of an Open / Main grant from John Lyon's Charity

  • You received funding via Space2Grow#29 and are applying for the same project 

  • You have a turnover exceeding £175,000

Please ensure you have read the criteria document before applying - especially the Aim of the Fund section

What help can I get?
The applications are judged by an independent panel, meaning Young Barnet Foundation staff can assist you with your application.  
The Member Development Officers or our Fundraising Manager Debra Yardley are available to scope and review your applications prior to your submission. We advise you to book early for online or in person sessions with the team. Please either contact your MDO or email to request support. 

Accessibility Needs
If you need assistance to access any of the information that we produce, please contact the YBF team. If you need any documents in an alternative format, please let us know. As a small charity we cannot automatically provide translations, large print, braile etc. but we are committed to supporting member organisations and their staff by being as inclusive as we can be.  We are always seeking and looking at ways to be better. If you think we could improve your application experience then please do reach out.


Successful Applicants

Following the panel meeting the successful applicants will be notified and a list will be provided here.  

Key Documents:

Working in Partnership?
All groups named as partners in a bid must have completed a Partnership Working Details Form. Partner Organisations need not be a formal partner (i.e no legal partnership needs to be in place), but where you are working with another organisation (a school, another community group etc.) we want to know that you have consulted with them, and they agree to be considered as part of this application. 

Applications that name partners but are not accompanied by a completed form may not be considered by the panel.  

Each partner organisation must complete a form. 

If you are a partner organisation of the lead applicant you will need to complete the Partnership working form here. 

STG final logo.png

Space2Grow, Space2Grow Childrens and Young People's Fund and John Lyon's Charity Logo are branding of Young Barnet Foundation and relate to the small grant funding rounds distributed by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the charity and our partners. 

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