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Young Barnet Foundation have partnered with Upshot to bring our members the opportunity to use the online platform to manage, monitor and evidence their delivery.  

What is Upshot

Upshot is a performance management software solution developed by the Football Foundation, the UK's largest sports charity. It is designed to help organisations delivering and funding community based projects, manage, monitor and evidence their work, and prove their impact. 


View a short explanation video on Upshot

Why Young Barnet Foundation believe in Upshot

Young Barnet Foundation spent a lot of time looking at Upshot and similar M&E systems before choosing which they felt was best placed to be of benefit to the members.  We found Upshot to be easy to use, easy to capture information, easy to provide really effective reporting, all at a very reasonable price.


For organisations it can be used simply as a glorified register & to store participant details (rather than spreadsheets and lots of bits of paper).  Or depending on the requirements can easily be used to help monitor projects against outcomes &/or track a participants journey of development.   The power of the tool is great and we are adamant it will save organisation so much time when writing end of project reports.  The tool to map an individual’s journey of development is also really exciting.


From the Young Barnet Foundation point of view, the system allows us to collate anonymous top line data which will allow us to collate a picture of all the great work going on across the borough, which will be passed back to members to aid with funding bids and to help show your impact as part of the wider borough.    Everything in the system is GDPR compliant.

The level of support in the set up process along with ongoing support at the end of phone will help members feel confident in using the tool. 

Download two explanation documents to show Staff and Trustees

Upshot Features

Young Barnet Foundation and two members, Youth Realities and Colindale Community Trust were featured by Upshot in a short article and video on the benefits of upshot. 


Read the full article HERE

What does it cost? 

Young Barnet Foundation members can secure a discount for using Upshot for their work delivering in Barnet.  

Contact the Young Barnet Foundation team to discuss pricing arrangements. 

Next Steps 

Upshot can provide an online demonstration to staff and trustees to explain the tool before your organisation decides to go ahead.  If you are interested then please call the Young Barnet Foundation office on 020 3621 6090 or email