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Paloma's Second Day of Work Experience - Staff Training

The second day consisted of a tranquil, serene and peaceful start to the morning.

After completing my daily blog, I and the rest of the team gathered around a table for the GDPR training followed by the monthly staff meeting. I liked this because it gave me the opportunity to engage and feel involved in the overall work of the organisation; especially when Pete and Jan asked me questions on my opinions and perspective from a young point of view. Moreover, during the meeting each member discussed the organisation’s successes and weak points. This allowed all team members to be aware of which processes are being made within the office therefore making it beneficial for me as it improved my general understandings of what Young Barnet do as a whole.

I then sat with Emma, the communications officer, for some Website Training. Where she told me more about her job role and actions in the office. Emma then introduced me to WIX, the site she uses to edit and upload onto the Young Barnet website. This was helpful as it allowed me to be aware of how the world wide web functions - teaching me not only internal things but external things of the organisation also. Emma then taught me how to use Canva, the site she uses to design and produce the leaflets and headers. I then produced my own header (as shown below).

This was my favourite part of the day as it linked to my A-Level Product Design studies outside the office. The Canva training improved my academic knowledge perhaps granting me another method to use when I return back to sixth form.

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