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Paloma's First Day of Work Experience - The Office

Nervous, anxious and shy, I made a short walk down Watling Avenue to the Young Barnet Foundation.

I arrived in the morning and was warmly welcomed by all the staff in the office. Fortunately, this of course allowed me to feel more at ease and comfortable in the friendly, chilled office environment.

I was then taken through an induction with Pete, the operations manager. During which we went through safety information and was given a list of tasks to complete for the entire placement. I was also given a timetable which is useful as it allowed me to set out my tasks more easily to ensure I get them all completed. I was allocated my own computer and desktop space to do all these tasks making life a lot easier.

Later on, I was impressed as I was shown clear demonstrations where the Young Barnet Foundation truly do consider the situations and demands of the young people they cater to. For example with the help of Charlotte (Community Connector), I began the Nando’s Chicken Cheque letter. The purpose of this was to ask if Nando’s will supply free chicken to the organisation’s Young Barnet Star Awards later in 2018. Nando’s was chosen because Charlotte acted upon the feedback she received directly from the young volunteers: they suggested that Nando’s would be ideal as it was their favourite restaurant.

Moreover, I finished off the day by completing the Government Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) readings in preparation for the training the following morning. This was interesting as it taught me information about personal documents I was not aware of before. Therefore, leaving me intrigued for training which awaits me tomorrow.

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