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Inspiring Interview with Zachary

What attracted you to role of making this animation for YBF?

I remember really wanting to making animations for Charities a while before the opportunity came. I had a growing urge to use my skills to face deeper topics that face the real world. Once this opportunity came, I jumped straight into it!

What was the best part of creating the animation?

The best part was animating the transitions between each scene. This took a lot thought and creativity, which really helped me to keep the flow of the animation smooth. I also enjoyed overlaying real painterly textures that I made with the backgrounds to create a naturalistic feeling.

What will you take away from spending time with YBF?

Always communicate, listen and ask questions so that you understand what emotion or message you want your target audience to feel. Creating the animation for YBF was also a great confidence boost. Don’t forget share blog posts of your process too.

How did you discover your talent for animation?

I was always passionate about art, design and music. During my A levels looked into graphic design work experience online and quickly discovered the variety of unique animations that many companies were creating. I realised that animation is so much more diverse and interesting than the mainstream film and televisions display. Animation is allows the possibility of fusing art with sound.

Do you have any words of advice for young people considering studying animation?

Keep exploring different styles and processes. Don’t expect an amazing animation the first few times you try. You need patience and don’t forget to enjoy the process even if it seems tedious at times. Lastly, surround yourself with people/artworks that inspire you to create the best work.

Links to all his creations here Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr.

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