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More information about what is involved in becoming a young champion and to apply.   

What will I be doing?  

  • As a Barnet Youth Voice Survey Champion, you will be responsible for engaging with your peers in either your school, faith group or activity group, in order to help other young people to fill out the Survey. 

  • You will talk with teachers/leaders in order to ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to fill out the surveys, you could speak at an assembly or in class. 


Why is this important? 

  • The Barnet Youth Voice Survey is, we believe, the biggest ever needs-analysis survey undertaken in the borough.   

  • If we get a large number of responses, we hope that will enable us to help shape/improve services and support to young people in Barnet.  Charities and community groups want to offer more to support young people so this dataset would allow them to attract funding to youth services in the borough. 

How do I benefit? 

  • As a Young Champion, you would be able to lead your peers in responding to the Barnet Youth Voice survey, ensuring that the voices of young people are heard within our community.  

  • You’ll develop leadership skills, by working alongside your peers, which will allow you to stand out in any interview setting. 

  • A fantastic experience to put on your CV and UCAS application, highlighting your qualities as a community leader. 

  • There will also be opportunities to be further involved with Young Barnet Foundation after the conclusion of the Barnet Youth Voice Survey.

How much time will I have to commit? 

  • When you first join up, you will undergo training for you to be able to fulfil the requirements of your role. 

  • After this, you will act as the Young Champion for your school or organisation for a period of around sixth months.  

  • This will require a commitment of a few hours a month, up until the end of December. After January, this will decrease, and will depend on how much you would like to get involved with Young Barnet Foundation.  

Who can apply? 

  • Any young person who either lives or goes to school in the London Borough of Barnet, aged 11-19 years old.  

Interested?  Then sign up below.

Apply here to become a Young Champion



A chance for you to have your say; to help shape services, activities and opportunities for you and other young people across Barnet.  

Why get involved? 

  • Ever thought no one ever listens to children and young people?  Well this is the chance to have your say!  Your input and answers will help shape services, activities and opportunities for you and young people across Barnet.

What can I do? 

  • Complete the questionnaire -  it won't take any more than 10 minutes

  • Become a Young Champion  - to help promote the survey and encourage others to complete the questionnaire be it in your school, college or community groups.   No need to worry, we will help you feel confident to do this as the role will include training.   

  • Apply to take part in a Focus Groups where we look to explore answers to the questionnaires in more detail. 

  • Become a Peer Researcher - get trained to  help carry out the Focus Groups with your peers.

How do I Find out more about becoming a Young Champion? 

Click HERE for more information and to apply online. 

More Information on the Study

About the Study:    

  • The Foundation’s study - the ‘Barnet Youth Voice Survey’, is a needs-analysis survey conducted amongst 11-19-year olds in the borough of Barnet.   

  • This is a peer-led study; in which we will train and enable ‘Young Champions’ and Peer Researchers from schools and community groups to engage with their peers, in order to review and identify concerns, aspirations and challenges within the borough.   


Purpose of Study:   

  • We want to hear the wider voice of young people in Barnet, especially the seldom heard.  We hope that The Barnet Youth Voice Survey will be a catalyst to attracting additional funding to the borough; funnelled directly into the areas where our young people have identified a need.   

  • The study aims to inform and provide evidence for pressing issues encountered by young people in the borough of Barnet. It will identify gaps in social provision, which will allow for improvements and interventions. 



  • We will conduct peer-led youth focus groups in order to determine the topics that the Barnet Youth Voice Survey will cover.   

  • We aim for the survey to be filled out by a minimum 10% of 11-19 year olds in the borough, through a combination of school students, activity group members, young offenders, peer researchers, and YBF member organisations.   

  • Key to this are our Young Champions, who will focus on ensuring that participating schools and organisations enable young people to fill out the survey, and to help participating young people understand the importance and impact of their responses.   


Intended Outcome and Benefits:   

  • The survey will generate a large, robust and searchable dataset that partners will have access to. The data gathered will aid in identifying the key problems young people currently face in Barnet. 

  • The use of such data-driven needs analysis can be utilised to secure funding for VCFSE in the borough. The data from a similar survey undertaken by the Young Harrow Foundation in 2018 directly resulted in over £1 million being allocated to tackle issues of youth violence in the Harrow.  

  • The use of data-driven needs analysis is particularly significant as traditional needs-analysis methods tended to underestimate trends within communities and provided unreliable data. 


Final Outcomes: 

  • Following the end of data collection, we will have a period of research analysis until the end of February 2020.  

  • The analysed data will then be collated, allowing an interactive data search tool to be produced.  

  • A launch event will be held at the end of March 2020 (tentative). 

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